Dreamwood Design is one person's workshop with a couple lathes, some saws and belt sanders, a variety of woods from around the world, and some of the most unique turned wood bowls, plates, and ornaments found.

The craftsman known as "Mr. Don" creates individually numbered unique pieces guided by whim, or custom pieces requested by customers.

Browse the gallery for samples of my work. Some of which are available, and if not, I can create that "just-for-you" item.
Click on any thumbnail  image to enlarge. My wine glasses have sold the world over!
For price quotes, simply mention area, brief description, and location (i.e. Bowls, 3rd from left, 2nd row, fat round one). Price will not reflect shipping charges.

Our vendors supply us with some of the highest quality items out there...and we are proud to use their products. The e-mail addresses are:
Woody's Rock Art....contact at glnwoodward9@gmail.com
               For fine inlays for our our beer tap handles, wine stoppers and other work.
The Shell Game of Cloverdale....contact at shellgame@oregoncoast.com
               For the sea shells we use in our ornaments, toppers, and other fine work.
Craft Supplies U.S.A., Provo, Utah......
               For most of our other supplies and parts.
 Doctor's Woodshop....contact at www.doctorswoodshop.com
               For fine waxes and finishes used in our shop and supplied to our clients.
2012 is going to be a year of new and innovative ideas! I will be offering what I feel are some new and different design concepts in hopefully all my Gallery areas, including metallic and gemstone inlays, a new line of Wine glasses, and some nice additions to my Urn Collection. Please be sure to check back often, as I will be posting new items as soon as completed.
I will be creating Gallery Art pieces starting this year, opening a new and exciting area for me. Should be interesting.
I currently have a good supply of pen blanks, bowl blanks, spindle blanks and more.
Contact me for your needs, prices, availability, shipping info.
Sorry..no shipping outside U.S.A.
Also have periodic specials on various woods. Get on my mailing list for latest info.