We'd love to talk to you about custom design and production of your pieces. Mr. Don has a lot of experience with laying up different materials, inlays, and engraving to make your pieces truly unique.
We currently have the following retail outlets:
Our at-home gift shop, Dreamwood Gallery
  Contact us at: for details
Top This Trailers, Cornelius, Oregon
The Shell Game of Cloverdale (Oregon)
Also, we offer a wide selection of domestic woods, ready for shipping.
Some available species; Mimosa, English Walnut, Cherry, Sycamore, Mountain Mahogany, Holly, Spalted Holly, Dogwood, Juniper, White Oak,
to name a few.
We carry a good selection of pen blanks, at  4 for a buck, mix or match.
All above do not include shipping.
Price and shipping quotes on request.
Please go to my e-mail address for information